Inventech’s Mains Failure Monitor is based on our GSM Remote Monitor Device and has been configured to send an SMS to a list of numbers when Main’s supply fails. The device is expected to be powered by our mini uninterrupted power supply.

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This product is not longer available, please refer to our replacement device STM32 SMS Switch


The device is expected to be powered by our mini uninterrupted power supply.
The switch device has 2 digital inputs and 2 relay outputs. When the mains fails the device will send a SMS to a list of phone numbers indicating that the power has failed.

When the power has been restored a SMS will be sent indicating the power has been restored. Our device determines the state of the mains voltage by reading the supply voltage. When the supply voltage “dips” the device will detect this as a mains failure. This  method works with our miniUPS,


Input 1 is monitored for any changes and changes are notified by means of a SMS.
Input 2 is also monitored for any changes, input 2 normally is “on” or high, and it will detect when the input goes open or closed circuit. Typically this can monitor a magnetic contact connecting input 2 to ground.
The 2 relays outputs can switch upto 10A and can be controlled by sending a SMS to the
remote device.

The device status is reported to both Initial State and Freeboard for free.


Inital State –

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Freeboard –

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