A GSM Remote switching device, this unit has 2 digital inputs and 2 outputs.

A simple and easy to configure GSM switch that allows the control of 2 10A loads, by means of a SMS or a missed call

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SMS Switch

This product is no longer available, please refer to our enhanced replacement product STM32 SMS Switch

Inventech produces a GSM remote switching device, this unit has 2 digital inputs and 2 10A relay outputs. The SMS Switch allows to control and monitoring of electrical equipment by means of a SMS.

The unit functions as follows:

  • Register and listen for incoming SMS/calls on the GSM network.

  • Retrieve SMS and action as detailed in the programming manual.

  • Listen for incoming calls and action as detailed in user manual.

  • Send a SMS when the inputs change.


  • Input voltage 7.8V to 48V DC

  • Two 10A Relay outputs

  • Automatic geo-location of units (when used with web service)

  • Customer provided SIM card, contract or prepaid.

  • Firmware upgradeable via USB

  • Controllable via USB

Download the product brochure and the SMSSwitch User Manual

SMSSwitch Manual
Windows Com Port Driver