ESP8266 based multi-purpose wifi device that has been designed to be flexible and to support multiple monitoring and control functions. A versatile IoT sensor.

A Wifi Multi-purpose controller for with 1-Wire, analog input for 10K thermistor and 3 digital outputs

ESP8266 based multi-purpose wifi device that has been designed to be flexible and to support multiple functions.

It provides 3 digital outputs which can be used to switch on relays, LED’s, SolidState relays etc. A digital input/output port for a 1-Wire bus for multiple sensors. A single channel analogue input configured for a 10K thermistor for temperature sensing. Designed to fit within an attractive Hammond 1593L enclosure or it can be used standalone. Power is supplied via a micro USB connector or via a pluggable 5.08mm connector and an on board voltage regulation provides for 12V operation. The design is based around a ESP8266-12 module. A 8 way pluggable 3.81mm connector allows for easy assembly or replacement of the unit.

Each unit is pre-programmed with the latest release of ESPEasy which is available (here) or our website. ESPEasy supports multiple building automation platforms out of the box e.g. Domoticz and OpenHAB.

Programmer headers are included for easy development via a suitable USB to serial converter (optional extra) ESPEasy even allows for uploading new firmware over the Wifi interface.

The board is fully supported via the ArduinoIDE via the ESP8266 Arduino project. However, we prefer the EclipseArduino environment check out the project here

We designed it because we wanted to control and monitor a solar geyser, we also wanted to monitor and control our brew when crafting our beer and we needed a board that can address multiple scenarios.


  • The board comes fully assembled and tested with an ESP8266-12 Module
  • Preprogrammed with ESPEasy firmware.
  • A jumper for bootloader selection
  • Programmer header
  • 3 x 8 Pole 3.81mm plugs
  • 1 x 2 Pole 5.08mm plug for power
  • Designed to fit in a Hammond 1593L enclosure

Additional Information

We can also integrate it with 3rd party IoT dashboard websites like InitialState, Freeboard.io etc. Please feel free to contact me if you have any custom firmware requirements.

It’s really difficult to develop your own firmware without the schematics they are published on our website (here)

We can supply the Hammond case, but not with slots cut into the end caps. We are currently building of own CNC machine to offer this in the future.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg