Complete design, consultancy and manufacturing services to you and your company.

Inventech is an electronic product development company, providing complete design, consultancy and manufacturing services to you and your company. We specialise in the design and development of electronic products which solve real world problems and challenges, turning your ideas and innovations into marketable products.

New product development

We interact with you continuously to ensure that your vision is realised.

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Solving existing problems

Solving existing internal problems, feature enhancements, increasing efficiency.

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Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping / proof of concept to help raise capital funding.

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The electronic design process involves

Development of a system concept
Drawing the electronic schematics.
Laying out a printed circuit board.
Building a prototype.
Developing embedded firmware.
Implementation of refinements.
Setting up the production process.
Packaging, delivery and distribution of final product.

We pride ourselves,
in our ability to solve any problem.

To ensure that your vision is realised
we interact with you continuously.

GreatGuide Magic

GreatGuide Magic produces a number of multilingual tour guide systems, Inventech develops and maintains their flagship product, the GPS triggered multi channel audio player. The player receives location information for the GPS satellites and will playback location specific audio commentary…

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Electromach is a Cape Town based vending machine company, we design and develop the electronic control boards for their vending machines. We try to use the most cost effective combination of commercially available and custom hardware to produce a tailor made solution for them…

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CapeTel is a telecommunication company based in Cape Town. CapeTel offers a wide range of services, from cellular establishment, RF installation and site planning. We have produced a flexible power controller board that monitors mains and standby power, starting and stopping stand bye generators…

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