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Inventech transforms your idea's into reality. Numerous years of experience cross a range of industries ensures that we offer the best solution to any problem. We offer a complete turn key solution, from concept, research and development, rapid prototyping  and assistance with production.

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We have over 30 years of design experience, across a range of industries. From hearing aids, tracking endangered Rhinos, award winning wind up radio's to commercial industrial routers, we have a solution.

Looking to develop your idea but not sure where to turn? Need help planning or executing your next project? Let us guide you. Our initial conversation will focus on getting to know you and discussing your idea, we will guide and advise. All problems have a solution, we offer design and development services.

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Prototype and development

Electronic and mechanical design, we have our own Pick and Place machines and 3D printers to be able to rapidly get a prototype into your hands.

Schematic capture, circuit board design, production and testing.

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Electronic Wires

Some Past Projects

Outstanding Results

Lifeplayer, a Wind-Up MP3 Player For Developing Countries

Lifeplayer MP3

Award Wining Design

We were involved in the initial prototype development of the Lifeplayer MP3 for Lifeline Energy. The Lifeplayer was a finalist for an INDEX award

Wildlife tracking

Tracking endangered Rhino's

We were part of a team developing a custom wildlife tracking solution. The system required no existing infrastructure. Is able to achieve a location fix every 5 minutes and runs for years on a single D Cell battery

Lapalala Wildlife Reserve


Great Guide

GPS Guided Audio Tours

If you have been on vacation and gone on an open bus tour in one of the major cities across the world then chances are you have been listening to us! We developed a Linux Based GPS triggered multi-channel audio system for GreatGuide

Moving Tactics

Industrial Routers

Moving  Tactics had  a connectivity problems for the digital signage deployed at customer sites. We provided a Mikrotik based solution combined with our custom hardware,pre-configured  to their requirements.

Our Dual-SIM Industrial router was developed to meet this challenge

Moving Tactic-Clean-500.jpg

Rhodes Food Group

A Story of Success

Clients often approach Inventech with a general idea of what they need, and this project was no different. We were able to jump right in with our expertise and designed and integrated a solution within their existing workflow. The results speak for themselves.

Concrete Laser Flooring

Rapid Level Testing

CLF needed a method to rapidly test the flatness of a poured concrete floor. We developed a complete solution to survey and process the acquired data. Learn more about the requirements here


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We have a extensive network of 3rd party consultants and service providers whom we utilitze on a regular basis.


Robin Gilham

Owner - CEO

Robin Gilham started a consultancy business 22 years ago. Robin started taking his toys apart from a young age to understand better how they worked and figure out how he could improve them.

Robin has a passion for technology, and years of experience in successful projects and would love to chat with you to hear about your problems that need solving.
Robin, has travelled extensively, and lived and worked in Europe and Asia, and he loves learning new things and inspiring others to think a little differently.

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